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Canada 2010

Fundamentals of Commercial Driving in Canada

Combing elements from several already existing courses as well as a lot of new material we've created an all-in-one bundle to teach the fundamentals of commercial driving within Canada. This course applies to anyone driving a commercially "registered" vehicle for a "federally regulated" motor carrier. That is, anyone who drives inter-provincially.

This course will cover the basics of Hours of Service, Cargo Securement, Emergency Procedures, Trip Inspections and Registered Vehicle Requirements.

  • Overview
    Capacities, Responsibilities and Required Documents
  • Driver
    Hours of Service Introduction, Circadian Rythems, Daily Limits, Daily Limit Exceptions, Duty Cycles, Sleeper Berths, Records Maintained, Records Monitored, Falsification, Electronic Records
  • Vehicle
    Section: Trip Inspection Introduction, Documentation - Registration & Inspections, Wheels & Tires, Suspension & Steering, Brakes - Service, Parking, Air & Hydraulic, Lights, Reflectors, Glass, Mirrors, Wipers, Washers. Defrost & Horn, Cab, Body, Frame, Bumper & Fender, Fuel, Exhaust & Auxiliary Tanks, Trailers, Hitches & Rear Guards
  • Cargo
    Section: Load Securement Introduction, General Performance, Contain and Immobilize, Front End Structures, Secure Against Movement, Wrappers, Requirements, Inspections
  • Procedures
    Section: Refueling and Breakdown, Stowing Bags, Tools and Equipment

Course Runtime:4 hours 15 minutes (approximate)
Passing Grade:80%
Certificate Issued:True *
Record of Training Provided:True

* Certificates are issued when a passing grade is achieved. The certificate download includes wallet sized versions of the certificate.


NSC Bundle - Federal
NSC Bundle - Alberta Bundle
NSC Bundle - British Columbia Bundle

Hours of Service (Canadian)
Hours of Service (Alberta)
Cargo Securement
Trip Inspection

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