Cargo Securment

Canada 2008

Contain, Immobilize and Secure

In just over a hundred years transportation across land has advanced greatly. When speeds were slow we could depend on gravity to keep most cargo in place. As speeds increased, the laws of physics had more influence on whether the stuff we were carrying stayed put as we traveled.

Most state, provincial and territorial jurisdictions in the dominion of Canada, The United States of America and The Republic of Mexico have adopted the North American Uniform Cargo Securement Guidelines. These rules are devided into two parts.

Part 1 is about the general principals and covers,

  • General Requirements
  • Inspections
  • Physics
  • Wrappers (Chains, Straps, etc.)
  • Anchors Points
  • Frontend Structures

Part 2 lists nine different commodities and how they should be immobilized. In this course we will cover part 1 of these guidelines.

Course Runtime:60 minutes (approximate)
Passing Grade:80%
Certificate Issued:True *
Record of Training Provided:True

* Certificates are issued when a passing grade is achieved. The certificate download includes wallet sized versions of the certificate.


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