Registered Vehicles

Alberta 2010

Fundamentals of Commercial Driving

Combing elements from several already existing courses as well as a lot of new material we've created an all-in-one bundle to teach the fundamentals of commercial driving within Alberta. This course applies to anyone driving a commercially "registered" vehicle for a "provincially regulated" motor carrier. That is, anyone who drives within the boundary of Alberta.

This course will cover the basics of Hours of Service, Cargo Securement, Emergency Procedures, Trip Inspections and Registered Vehicle Requirements.

  • Overview
    Capacities, Responsibilities and Required Documents
  • Driver
    Hours of Service Introduction, Circadian Rythems, Workshift Limits, Records Maintained, Records Monitored, Falsification, Electronic Records
  • Vehicle
    Section: Trip Inspection Introduction, Documentation - Registration & Inspections, Wheels & Tires, Suspension & Steering, Brakes - Service, Parking, Air & Hydraulic, Lights, Reflectors, Glass, Mirrors, Wipers, Washers. Defrost & Horn, Cab, Body, Frame, Bumper & Fender, Fuel, Exhaust & Auxiliary Tanks, Trailers, Hitches & Rear Guards
  • Cargo
    Section: Load Securement Introduction, General Performance, Contain and Immobilize, Front End Structures, Secure Against Movement, Wrappers, Requirements, Inspections
  • Procedures
    Section: Refueling and Breakdown, Stowing Bags, Tools and Equipment

Course Runtime:4 hours (approximate)
Passing Grade:80%
Certificate Issued:True *
Record of Training Provided:True

* Certificates are issued when a passing grade is achieved. The certificate download includes wallet sized versions of the certificate.


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Hours of Service (Canadian)
Hours of Service (Alberta)
Cargo Securement
Trip Inspection

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