Trip Inspections

Canada 2010

Inspection for Trucks & Tractor Trailers.

Every commercially licensed vehicle in Alberta with a registered GVW over 4500Kg or a passenger capacity of 10 persons or more (excluding the driver) is required to be expected for deffiancies at least once for every day that it is used.

Standard 13 of the National Safety Code is all about "trip inspections" and it has lists of what are major and minor defects. Schedule 1 of this standard deals with trucks and tractor trailers. This course will focus on this particular section of the standard while covering 8 major areas.

  • Documentation - Registration & Inspections
  • Wheels & Tires
  • Suspension & Steering
  • Brakes - Service, Parking, Air & Hydraulic
  • Lights, Reflectors, Glass, Mirrors, Wipers, Washers. Defrost & Horn
  • Cab, Body, Frame, Bumper & Fender
  • Fuel, Exhaust & Auxiliary Tanks
  • Trailers, Hitches & Rear Guards

Course Runtime:1 hour 15 minutes (approximate)
Passing Grade:80%
Certificate Issued:True *
Record of Training Provided:True

* Certificates are issued when a passing grade is achieved. The certificate download includes wallet sized versions of the certificate.


NSC Bundle - Federal
NSC Bundle - Alberta Bundle
NSC Bundle - British Columbia Bundle

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