Commercial Driver's Hours of Service

Canada 2007

Prove you're fit for duty.

Commercial vehicle operators have a responsiblilty to ensure that they are healthy, alert and not putting others that they share our public highways with at risk due to fatigue. Transportation legislation in North America requires mandatory limits to hours worked and time-off required. This course educates commercial drivers, supervisors and management on their responsibilities and how to maintain (log books) hours of service records.

Among other modules this course includes up to date information on,

  • Responsibilities
  • Daily Limits
  • Daily Limit Excerptions
  • Duty Cycles
  • Maintaining Proper Records
  • Keeping Electronic Records

As well as some optional modules,

  • Driving North of the 60th Parallel
  • Driving with Special Permits

Course Runtime:1 hour 15 minutes (approximate)
Passing Grade:80%
Certificate Issued:True *
Record of Training Provided:True

* Certificates are issued when a passing grade is achieved. The certificate download includes wallet sized versions of the certificate.


NSC Bundle - Federal
NSC Bundle - Alberta Bundle
NSC Bundle - British Columbia Bundle

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